Bedroom Days

Bedroom Days dt-published

A lot of my fondest childhood memories are tied to my bedroom (and I did spend a lot of time in there, hence the title): playing consoles, especially the Mega Drive and Dreamcast, going through several hand-me-down computers, cases of floppy disks and CDs, eventually getting online on a Dreamcast, finding communities where I could connect with people across the world in a way that I couldn’t with people at school, with people at home. Being on IRC, message boards and AIM from the moment I got back home from school to the moment I went to bed.

So many of those things were about escaping from a harsh reality, replacing it with something better, something bearable. I was an outcast at school, my home life was troubled to say the least. Virtual words and connections may have saved my life.

The songs and sounds in this album aren’t meant to be a completely faithful recreation of Mega Drive music, Dreamcast music or any of the music I was listening to back then. It’s taking all that together and attempting to connect with that child and that teenager through the adult that I am today. It’s reaching out across time and saying “hey, it’s okay. I see you, I feel you. Things will get better.”

Maybe they’ll let you do the same, or maybe you’ll take an entirely different meaning from them.

Many thanks to the many wonderful folks that had a direct or indirect hand in the making of this album: my wife & son, the Foxes, The Less Dead, Thorisson, Jnny Cobra, Zitilites, Depthbuffer, The Billows Burn Bright, Full Eclipe, Soylent Chiba, and many more that I’m surely forgetting now.