kill screen

kill screen dt-published

“Kill screens are points found in games, most commonly arcade games, in which reaching a certain level or section in the game will cause progress to become virtually or literally impossible, bringing play to an abrupt end.”

This album is about pushing through the “kill screens” and continuing on with the game. Sometimes, that requires a reset. While this isn’t a complete break from my previous work, it’s a bit of a departure, leaning heavily on breakbeats and the sounds of jungle and DnB that I absorbed through video game soundtracks of the 90’s and 00’s and rediscovered as a 30 something producer unable to finish a single track for over a year. Lots of albums were started then stopped, because life got in the way, because the inspiration wasn’t there, because of anxiety, insomnia and worse.

All tracks here, with the exception of “crystalline”, were composed, mixed and finished over a period of three weeks as part of the RPM challenge. This hyper-focused approach allowed me to step both inwards and outwards, allowing thoughts and feelings to come out through the deeply instinctual and automatic process of making music, and sharing the results of that process early and often. It also means the tracks have rough edges that I could probably have spent weeks smoothing over. I’m hoping their roughness will have its own charm, and that the context in which they’re made will help you understand their shortcomings.

So sit back, let these songs here take you back, take you forwards and maybe help you connect to something brighter and better within yourself.


  • Written, mixed and mastered by Life Patterns