KILL PROCESS dt-published

Back in February I released kill screen . I was just getting started on a journey through the world of antidepressants. Almost a year since, I finally settled on a combination of pills that mostly works. In between were a lot of side effects, weird feelings both physical and psychological. This album serves as a journal from that period, a travelogue for nightmares.

Many folks helped make this album. OSC and Thorisson contributed to and elevated a couple of tracks beyond anything I could have achieved. Zer0rei nailed down the “End of Evangelion” aesthetic that was dominating my dreams for a while in the cover art. ByteMapper ran the whole thing through tape and made magic happen. Everybody who contributed a remix knocked it out of the park

This album is dedicated to depression, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, panic attacks, vivid dreams, recurring nightmares, locked-in syndrome, anterograde amnesia, zolpidem, amyltriptiline, clonazepate, elitriptan, ethyl loflazepate, clonazepam, clorazepate, trimipramine and all the other conditions and drugs that went into its making.